“My neurologist treating me for Parkinson’s Disease referred me to Randy as the best voice therapist. Randy is the best, coaching me to keep my voice strong and my presence in the world intact and relevant.” -CPG

“My main symptom when diagnosed with Parkinson’s 2 years ago, was difficulty swallowing, with almost every meal.  I was ready to give up, until I was so fortunately referred to Randy Hoffman. After a 4 week intensive course of work on my voice and swallowing muscles, she managed to get me almost back to normal.  As long as I continue to do my exercises, I am doing extremely well!!  I can’t rave enough about Randy, who is a superb therapist, a wonderful person, and true lifesaver!! Thanks, Randy!  I highly recommend her to anyone with voice or swallowing problems  She understands Parkinson’s Disease well, which many therapists do not!!” -Rich