Randy Hoffman Guest Hosts the Parkinson’s Institute April Podcast


Get Loud! LSVT and Speech Therapy at Your Parkinson’s Institute

The April 2013 edition of the Parkinson’s Institute Podcast features Randy Hoffman discussing LSVT treatment for Parkinson’s patients.

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Randy A. Hoffman Featured in the San Francisco Chronicle


Speech Pathologist Demands 15 ‘Ahhhhs’ Per Workout
By Edward Guthmann, Special to The Chronicle

Like Lionel Logue, the character played by Geoffrey Rush in “The King’s Speech,” Randy Hoffman was a stage actor before she transitioned to the more practical field of speech pathology.

She’s worked with children and adults, with patients recovering from strokes, head traumas and gunshot wounds. Today, she works at the Parkinson’s Institute in Sunnyvale, helping patients to rebuild their vocal muscles….

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